Exterior of a hopsital Emergency Room

The most important thing is in poultry slaughterhouses to cool the poultry meat as fast as possible and store it in right condition. Therefore with the expertise and know-how of Frigo Mekanik, you can ensure the first ring of cold chain which is created with in the highest hygiene standards and the capacity you need.

  • Air chiller applications are securing high quality for the product
  • Pre-cooling rooms
  • Ice water systems for continous immersion chillers
  • Flake ice machines
  • Cold stores
  • Product blast freezing tunnels
  • Frozen stores
  • Cooling of cut-ups, packing and dispatch area (with air sock)
  • High energy efficiency, precise controlled central refrigeration systems
  • Hygienic evaporator design in accordance with HACCP
  • Engine room design standards in accordance with European Norms
  • High efficiency, low energy consumption evaporative condenser applications
  • Spiral freezer refrigeration systems for further processing
  • Production areas air conditioning systems
  • Remote monitoring and control systems by PLC/SCADA

Do You Need Poultry Slaughterhouse Refrigeration Systems ?