Panel Sistem Sogutma Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.

From the starting point of going into operation acting with the conscious of both sectoral and social responsibility Panel Sistem made important contributions to the development of its industry and social mission. Our company continues to increase these contributions. With the conscious of its pioneer mission, high production quality and the policy of nonstop product development is turning in to overall state of mind. Also with the follow up of new advanced technologies in world and investing to the new technologies Panel Sistem is proving to be a pioneer in technological field.

Product Groups :

Refrigeration Systems

  1. Industrial Refrigeration Systems
  2. Central Refrigeration Systems
  3. Split Refrigeration Systems
  4. Monoblock Refrigeration Systems
  5. Chiller Units

Heat Exchangers

  1. Ammonia Evaporators
  2. Double Flow Evaporators
  3. Glycol Evaporators
  4. Ceiling Type Evaporators
  5. Wet Dry Coolers
  6. Air Coolers
  7. OEM Batteries
  8. Commercial Condensers
  9. Universal Condensers

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Frigo Sogutma A.S.:

Established in 1984, company is making equipment sales compressor, refrigeration systems control devices, commercial refrigeration system equipments, industrial refrigeration system equipments , ammonia pumps, industrial refrigeration compressors, axial fans, ice rink surface correction devices, silicagel rotated humidifying, ammonia refrigeration system for refrigeration sector.

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