Before, ammonia and carbon dioxide used, today Freon is used as coolant fluid.

What are the properties that coolants must have?

It can evaporate and become fluid under the applicable pressures.
Vaporizing heat should be as low as possible.
There should not be chemical dissolution and burning. Also it should not be toxic and get into reaction with metal surfaces.

It can be able to operate under low power.
Costs must be low and easy to obtain.
Not to pollute the environment.
Not to oxidize the pipe it is going through.

Which coolant is mostly used in refrigeration systems?

  1. Freon 12
  2. Freon 22
  3. Freon 134a
  4. Freon 407c
  5. Freon 410A (Not hazardous to ozone layer) Equivalent of 407c and more efficient that it took the place of 407c
  6. Ammonia
  7. Frigen 12
  8. Kaltron 12
  9. Genetron 12

Sulphur dioxide

What are properties and types of Freon gas and
Types of Freon gas: F11, F12, F13 , F22 , F502
C , Cl and F is found in its compound.
Used mostly in clima devices
Boiling point of F12 in atmospheric pressure is –29,8 °C
Density is bigger than the density of air.
It’s a colorless gas.