Exterior of a hopsital Emergency Room

Test chambers are specially designed rooms where temperature, humidity and air speed are precisely controlled (PLC and PC). The walls and ceiling sections of the test rooms are insulated with polyurethane filled panels. In addition to the cooling units, a humidifier and dehumidifier are used for humidity control. The homogeneous blowing of air into the room is ensured by a full perforated sheet metal system. With the microcomputer digital control panel, heating, cooling and humidification processes are carried out in order to bring the test chamber to the desired temperature and humidity values. Test chambers; In the event of overheating outside the control, the system is designed to stop and issue an alarm.

  • Domestic appliances manufacturers (Refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, TV etc.)
  • Thermal devices and components production facilities
  • Compressor manufacturers
  • Medicine manufacturers
  • And wherever a test chamber is required in order to simulate an closed environment controlling the temperature and humidity very sensitively

Do You Need Climatic Test Chambers?